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Help show support for S13Babe by rocking this "Classic Black Ice" scented air freshener* featuring Kari Kigai and her 2JZ Silvia Drift car!

Allow 1-2 business days for ship date after ordering.


-2.75" x 4.0"

-Black Ice Scented

-Shelf life: two years, store in a cool dry place.

-Once taken completely out of the wrapper, the air freshener should provide strong aroma for at least 10-15 days in mild climates. Expect aroma longevity to decrease in hot climates.

-If only a portion of the wrapper is taken off the freshener, aroma longevity will be greatly increased.

Silvia Air Freshener

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  • *All fresheners ordered from this site are designed to hang freely, and are not to come in contact with any plastic, painted, or varnished surface. The person ordering assumes all responsibility and liability for damage that may be caused by the fresheners.